Linn Dara Schools in the Community – Day Programme

The Linn Dara Schools in the Community Day Programme is located in the Lily Suite, Linn Dara CAMHS Community Building in the Cherry Orchard Hospital Campus.

The school offers an education programme to young people aged 12-18, residing within the Linn Dara CAMHS / CHO7 catchment area of South Dublin, North Kildare & West Wicklow.

Mondays & Tuesdays 9.00am – 3.00pm
Wednesdays 9.00am – 12.45pm
Thursdays & Fridays 9.00am – 3.00pm

The programme is focused on supporting young people (age up to 18), temporarily out of school, to return to a school setting. We expect that there will be up to a maximum of 18 young people in this programme, at any one time.

It is a short term intervention (initially 8 weeks, however this may be extended on a case by case basis depending on need) so the focus will be on providing a supportive education environment, reconnecting them with their schools or assisting them to source an alternative long term education placement.

Young people will be supported in Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle Curricula by fully qualified and experienced post primary teachers in a wide range of subjects including Irish, English, Maths, History, Geography, Music, Science, Business, French, Art, Physical Education and Woodwork.

Support will be also offered in other curricular areas, where possible such as Cooking, Science, Horticulture, Career Guidance and Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). School Excursions also form part of the programme offered.

Referrals are taken on an ongoing rolling basis and can only be accepted from CAMHS teams and we require a designated link person for the duration of the placement. It is also a condition of enrolment that young people are attending their CAMHS appointments while enroled with us.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Cyril Nolan
(01) 795 6491
(085) 822 6876

Referral Form

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Throughout enrolment on the programme, we will liaise with the nominated CAMHS key worker and provide regular updates on progress. A Student Support Plan (Individual Education Plan or IEP) will be developed for each young person and regular communication links will be initiated and maintained with their home schools. A phased return will be developed.