Our new School logo

In Summer 2021 we met with Gabriel Walsh, founder and creative director of Capiche Design (https://capichedesign.com) based here in Dublin, with a view to having a fresh look at our school logo and overall brand identity.


The schools’ established vision in 2021 was “to be a centre of excellence which offers high quality holistic educational experiences and support for all our young people in a caring environment which promotes individual achievement not only in academic areas but also in their personal development. We at Linn Dara Schools place the well-being of our students at the core of our daily life, encouraging students to acknowledge their talents, their potential and their goals”.


With this vision in mind Capiche Design set about the rebrand in order to truly reflect the schools ethos and mission. There is a revelatory power to learning and we wanted to get people thinking differently about how the students are taught in Linn Dara Schools. The new identity needed to reflect the truly transformational effect that teaching in this manner and environment can have on the student and their recovery.


The values of the school were distilled down into two core elements – a book and a rainbow. These elements combine to form the graphic icons that are the key to the identity. The book represents “the learning that we strive to provide for our pupils so that they may continue to learn and develop throughout their lives”. While the rainbow illustrates the joy in learning and the curiosity of the students and their approach to education and life.


The colours used in the rainbow represent the wide spectrum of students that the schools cater for, particularly for young people who identify with the LGBTI+ community, while also reflecting the stimulating teaching methods and inspiring environment for learning.


The new identity reflects the essence of Linn Dara Schools, and illustrates the possibility for knowledge, change, empowerment and inclusion. It is not just a book, but a possibility.


Our core pillars of Education, Continuity and Recovery inspired our continuity circle motif device, which we use as a secondary identity, which we are also proud to display on the walls of our schools by way of vinyl decals.