What We Do At Linn Dara Schools

Working With Schools

We work with students individually to support reintegration into their home school. The Principal and key teacher regularly attend care plan meetings, reviews and discharge planning meetings. We work closely with our students, their families, home schools and the multi-disciplinary team to support a planned discharge and help with school reintegration, settling into a new placement or other future planning as appropriate.

Following time in the care of either the in-patient unit or the day programme, students usually need help with a phased and supported reintegration programme. The teachers in Linn Dara School view their role in reintegration as advocacy for our students.

Working With Families

It is an important part of our work to maintain regular communication links with parents and carers. Our initial contact with families is to both seek permission to contact home schools and establish a rapport for future communications. We aim to liaise closely with parents and carers to help plan each relevant stage of their children’s future education. Parents and carers are informed of outcomes for school conversations and meetings.

Working With Students

Each student has a personalised structured timetable which includes time for learning and a range of creative, recreational and therapeutic activities. As far as possible, we aim to meet the individual needs of our students. If a young person is in full time or part-time education, we endeavor to support work supplied by his or her home school. If this work is not available, the teaching will be based on the Linn Dara School curriculum framework which is derived from the National Curriculum. It is always our intention to cover similar topics, corresponding to the year that each of our students are currently enrolled.